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About the kennel


The kennel is located about 1 km outside of Järpen i Jämtland with lots of garnden for the dogs to run around and play on.
They have free access in the house and work well together, all of our dogs like to sleep in the furnitures and we always have at least one sleeping in our laps.

The kennels origin, history and dogs
I've been raised with dogs my whole life, first a German Shepherd named Bitsie (born 1974) and after that we had a lovely German Shepherd/collie mix Tschaika (born: 1986) she opened the interest for the Collie breed.
But in 1994, I bought my first own dog when I was 18 years old togheter with my boyfriend (who's now also my husband), this dog was a mixed breed - German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Border Collie & Smålands Stövare, and he got the name "Dakari" (Brown Daiquiri). With him I competed active for a few years in agility and he was also trained in obedience, tracking and pulling. Dakari was a dog who taught me so much about dogs very quickly and he was not what to be called a beginner's dog.

In 1995 I bought my first purebred dog - a brown Newfoundland female named "Chow Bears Go West" but when she was nine months old, at the same time as she was in her first heat, we found out that she had a severe congenital heart disease and had to be put to sleep only at nine month of age.

Later that year I bought my first Collie - "Wobbster's Born To Be A Winner" and he was then followed by a female - Hillslättens Bless My Mistake, who unfortunately had a hip fault grade 1 (she was however in heat when she was X-rayed and if had I known better we would have x-rayed her once more before she was returned). Due to this I bought a tricoloured female "Madonna-Minett" she had the same father as Ettan, but none of these have been bred on.

In 2000, I apply for my prefix and my plan was to breed Collie Rough and the name I now have was my third hand choice.
I actual didn't really like it then but as time went on I fell in love with this name - which for me means small, though and happy dogs.

But the destiny wanted something different for me when my first Phalène "Molargårdens Glans" made an entrance in my life in 2001, he was bought as a 7 month old puppy from my sister.
It was not really ment for him to move in with us permanently but Midas and I took immediate liking to each other and I could not see him move.
Luckily my sisters are very understanding.

Midas won one CAC as a youngster and was trained in obedience, but we only did a handful of enterings because my nerves are not made for obedience competition.
Midas was once again shown the summer of 2010, 9½ years old as a veteran just for fun.

He suprised me to sweap the floor with the younger dogs and became 2nd best male with CAC two days in a row, and got his Swedsih Champion title when he was almost 10 years old.

In 2003, we had the honor of taking a little female Phalène on breeding terms for kennel Molargården. This bitch "Johtina's Sunlight Of June" had one litter there - Molargårdens M-litter.

With Soya the huge world of dog show world opened for me and she became SCh DKCh IntCh and Swedish Winner Of 2007, she was on The Swedish Phalène society's top-to ten list for 3 years in a row.

Soya is the mother to our "B-litter" and we kept a little female "Blast From The Past", Diva is co-owned with kennel Lindilis.
Soya was retired from shows during 2008 since she wasn't so keen of it any longer.
Maybe she'll be taken out as a veteran.

Johtina's Sunlight Of June
In 2005 I got the huge honor of having "Kecil Real Blonde" from kennel Kecil in Denmark, when she was 13 month old.

SEUCh DKUCh NordV-08 C.I.B
Kecil Real Blonde

Later that same year Phalène no. 3 arrived - Soya's son "Molargårdens Muskot", he was actually going to move on to Denmark to kennel Kecil, but for some reasons, Scottie stayed with us. He has to this date won one CAC.

Blondie became mother to our firstborn puppies, "A-Litter" , where she gave us the lovely "Avalanche" who looks much like her mother in both appearance and manner.

When Blondie had recovered from her litter, her amazing journey towards the chamipon titles began.
The summer/autumn of 2008 - she quickly conquered both the Danish and Swedish Champion title and she's came quickly on the top ten list in both Sweden and Denmark, last mention she won over her very successfully and famous mother MultiCh. Kecil Odds On Chance - and  became Danish Club Winner 2008.

2008 Blondie conquered many BOB in Denmark, Sweden and in Czech Republic, 5 CACIB in these three countries and she also quickly becam Danish Club Champion (must win the champion class 5 times and get Club CAC). She also became Nordic Winner 2008.

The same year (2008) "Avalanche" succeeded in doing something none of my other females has done before, she became BOS at HUND-08, one of the biggest dog show in Sweden, there she won both CAC and CACIB from intermediate class. She also qualifed for Crufts 2009, which I choosed not to travel to.

Bell is an remarkable little girl with a huge spirit and fire, she's also very much in love with herself, according to her no one are more beautiful than her and this has resulted in a Bell-fanclub that is growing every day both here in Sweden and also abroad - which makes me tremendiously happy. =).
I have gotten tons of emails from people wanting to buy her, but my precious Bell will never be for up for sale. She owns my heart completely.

Thairghay's Avalanche
During 2009 Bell became Swedish- and Danish Show Champion and for the second year in a row she became BOS at HUND-09 and yet again qualified for Crufts 2010.
But our trips with Bell during 2010 went the World Dog Show in Denmark where she also got the Danish Club Champion title.
Later she was shown in Norway, on the same show in Norway she won the Norwegian CAC and by this she became Norwegian- Nordic- and International Show Champion (C.I.B), and her handler in Norways was Solveig Pyykkö, who I am forever grateful for accepting to be Bell's handler and also to Bitte Sölvberg, Kennel Zkarabi's who made this possible and took Bell with her at that show.

In march of 2009 "Soya" got her last litter, or more right, her last pup with a very scrutinized first genaration phalène male living in Denmark.
The pup was named "Causing A Commotion" due to the circumstances of her birth, Mira was the only pup and her birth weight was 240g, way too much for tiny little Soya to whelp herself.
Soya had once earlier gotten a c-section so I decided to castrate her this time.

Mira is a little clone from her mother and also reminds a lot of her father, Mira is on breeding terms with a family in the North of Sweden.

In 2010 she became, on only 3 shows, appointed to 10:th most winning Phalène females in Denmark.
And the summer of 2011 Mira became a double champion, Swedish and Danish and is now only one CACIB away from having CIB title, but that will have to wait since she'll hopefully be having her first litter summer 2012.

With my E-litter, born 30 December 2009, I wanted to try something new and for me also very exciting, therefor I mated Ch. Kecil Real Blonde with a Papillon male, out of this I got three absolutely marvellous puppies, both exterior and mentally.
I kept the only male, Energizer on breeding rights and also one of the females, Eclipse (Misty) - both these two pups became Papillons and nowadays our kennel has grown to breed Paps.

The only Phalène in the litter Earthquake moved, as 1½ years old, to Kennel Vindarna Viskar and she'll be the foundation in their Phalène breeding.
Flame became Swedish Champion very quick in just a few shows at an age of only 2½ years old.

Misty was shown the very first time spring of 2012 and got CC quality, became 2:nd in her class but sadly not placed in the best bitch class. But she did over my expectation since the competedors are thougher whitin the Paps.

The generations continues
Our first, second generation of Thairghay's Phalènes were born 21 December 2010 after our amazing T. Avalache, sadly we lost both female puppies due to lack of calcium with their mother at birth one died directly when they were born and the second we had to put to sleep when she was only 10 days old.
Left was a mahogany sable male who was named Final Fantasy, Khash almost became a clone of his mom with the same gigantic ears as she has.
I decided to keep Khash at home and within the kennel, even if I actually don't want to have too many males at home, but this little crazy happy-go-lucky guy I just couldn't resist.

On his show debute in April 2012 he amazed me and got CAC, became best male and BOS.

In May 2012, Khash's first offspring were born, 1 male and 4 females at Kennel Alice In Chains, where we are very proud of getting a female pup back, she will be named "Alice In Chains Bring Me Khash".
In Khash's second litter (same year) at Angelluck's kennel, we were honoured of being co-owners to a little cute white/sable female - "Angelluck's Ofelia Fantasy Girl".

In August 2012 I got to fullfill a long time dream of mine, to import my very first own male.
I flew down to Marlies and Yvonne Weber in Germany and brought back the most wonderful and charming classic tricoloured boy named "Beltane Vom Schwabenhof", he's born in March 2012 and is out of Papillon lines.
His father is MultiCh. Starblaze Hugo Boss, one of Europes most winning Papillons during 2012 and numerous BIS-placed male from Australia which I have admire since I first saw him.
And when I saw pictures of Tooki spring 2012 I had no idea who his parents were, I only knew that he had stolen my heart.

Tooki has got every thing I ever wanted, he moves easy and free, and on top of that he's very genlte and kind to everyone, he's curious and always asking what we'll do next and does everything you ask him to do with a wag of his tail and what we call Tooki-love, meaning he does one thing, for example standing still for a photograph and then he just need to give you tons of kisses.

Since Tooki is completely non related to all my lines and also is after well-known bloodline through all the world, I am most curious ove what he can bring towards my next step in my breeding.

Tough desitions 2013
In the autumn of 2013 I took the tough desition to take a break in my breeding for a while. Maybe I come back again - maybe not. Only the future can tell.
- Why? Well, after two extremely complicated deliveries that almost took the lifes of my beloved females (and also a whole litter that died in the whomb where the mother could have died from the rotting pups), last litter became an all around the clock feeding for several weeks, so I truly feel that I need some time away to recharge and think that breeding is fun again.
Of course I love to have puppies, see how they grow and develope their own personality, but the memory of almost loosing three of my girls is to strong.
So during the autumn I desided to give the females I had on breeding terms to their holders, the co-own I have been persuade to keep on co-ownership (thanks my dear friends).

Two of my females that I have at home, I have retired early and yet another one will be retired shortly after she is borrowed by a friend that have been breeding Papillons for many years, there after she'll be retired.
That leaves me with only two girls that still are a bit too young at this point. - And there ends another chapter in the Thairghay's history.

My boys Scottie, Khash and Tooki (Frasse is sold) will be available in breeding for suitable females so don't hesitate to ask.

I got an offer from a sweet friend if I wanted to borrow her easy and free whelping bitch Zenitzias Alice In Chains for her last litter, she was mated with my Beltane vom Schwabenhof - a risky gamble since both of them are first generation Phalène, we got a small female puppy delivered in 20 minutes - the pup was named Lonestar and with her (what she ever desides to be) we open up our doors again for breeding.

The rest is unwritten and is in our future