A huge thanks to Marlies and Yvonne Weber for trusting me of having this wonderful boy.

DOB: 2012.03.24    Regno: SE56730/2012

Height: 29 cm    Weight: 5 kg

Swedish Champion
2014 - 9:th most winning male in Sweden

Patella 0/0 - 2014.08.21
DNA tested Pap PRA1 - Normal (A)
Eyes FREE- 2013.04.20
- 2014.08.21

Starblaze Hugo Boss

Siljans Charming
Siljans Disney
Siljans Winnie
Starblaze Classic Msdior AUCh
Starblaze Classic Dior
Colinarra Fleur Delise
Alex' Take The Chance Trinie DKUCh NordV-08 SEUCh
Dolce Vita Jp Major League
Belisarius Jp Royal Streak
Dolce Vita Jp Lady Organza
Alex' Midnight Bossa Nova NLCh
Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons
Alex' Eliza

Zkarabi's Rough Way
Zkarabi's Rail Way
Alice In Chains Exclusive Gemstone
Alice In Chains Exclusive Pearl
Alice In Chains Exclusive Diamond
Thairghay's Lonestar
Thairghay's Play With Fire
Thairghay's Poetry In Motion
Thairghay's Perfect Fantasy
Thairghay's Put A Spell On You
Thairghay's Pop Goes The Weasel
Skallvrån's Mazarbul 
Skallvrån's Khazad-Düm 
Skallvrån's Anduin 
Skallvrån's Ithilien 
Mixtras Humphfrey
Mixtras Huckleberry 
Mixtras Harald Lilleman 
Mixtras Hedda 
White Curl's Dawn With Fire Sparkle
White Curl's Divine Fire Whirl 
White Curl's Dream About Fireworks 
White Curl's Don't Break My Fire 
White Curl's Dream Of Sparkle Light 
White Curl's Divinely Sparkle Mist 
Thairghay's Spellbound 
Thairghay's Spitfire 
Thairghay's Stargaze

Foto: Yvonne Weber

Tooki's parents

Starblaze Hugo Boss Alex' Take The Chance Trinie