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This year ended with an early delivering of Blondie's puppies. 1 male + 3 females, sadly one of the females was very tiny (46 grams) and didn't made it through despites several attempts to save her. Mother and the rest of the puppies is doing really well. Pictures in "E-litter".


Älvsjö - Hund-09
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - becam BOS with CACIB and is thereby also qualified to Crufts 2:nd year in a row.
Bell has had an remarkable year.
Sweden: 3 BOB, 4 BOS, 3 CACIB, 1-R-CACIB, 2 CAC - Swedish Champion title
Denmark 1 BOB, 2 CACIB, 1 CAC - Danish Champion title.

She ended up on an honoring 3:rd place at the Swedsih Phalène Society top-10 over most winning females, she also became 4:th most winning female in Denmark at only 4 shows!!


Växjö - Int
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - became BF-2 with R-CACIB - 17 entered females.

Ch. Kecil Real Blonde was mated with Silenzio's Tipex - puppies are expected week 1 of 2010.


Bröndby Denmark - Copenhagen Winner 2009
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - became BF-4


Bröndby Denmark
Scottie's daughter Zenitzia's Blonde Ambition, only 16 month became BOS with CAC and CACIB.

Huge congrats to her breeder Kristine Kjölner Nielsen

A very big thanks t Lars Kalkerup, kennel Toymakers who handled Bimbo both days.


Thairghay's Afterglow helped taking the victory for the Hölö-Mörkö agility team in the Distric Championship in small. Huge congrats Inga and Affe.


Öland Nat
Judge: Torbjörn Skaar
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - Championclass - CC quality, BF-1, BOS
Molargårdens Muskot - open class - CC quality, BM-4


Vallentuna Nat
Judge: Sonja Björklund
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - Championclass - CC quality, BF-1, BOS
Thairghay's Blast From The Past - junior class - 1-2 CC quality


Norrköping Int
Judge: Douglas Sidebottom
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - Championclass - CC quality, BF-1, BOS
And thereby went Bell up on a honourable 2nd place at the Swedish Phalène Society's top-10 over most winning Phalène females.

Bjurholm - Inoff Puppy show
Thairghay's Causing A Commotion - 1-1 HonourPrice, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-R

Also it has been reported that awesome Thairghay's Afterglow has shown his frontpaws in agility and they're moving up fast now.
Excellent work Inga and Affe. Hipp Hipp Hurray..!!


Nyköping Nat
Judge: Leif Lehmann Jörgensen
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche - championclass - CC quality, BF-3
Molargårdens Muskot - open class - CC quality, BM-4.


I haven't been able to update my homepage lately and this is because that on the 6 July we got home 6 newborn tiny Chihuahua puppies for adoption. Their mother tragically had to have a emergence Caesarean section at day 56 and couldn't take care of her puppies as she was very ill.
To our relief Blondie accepted 4 of them and took care of them as her own.
adly one of the 6 lost it fight before we could try and save it, the day after we unfortunately lost another of Blondies adopted girls, and another died at its breeders home.
On the 13:th yet another female pup started to fail, she had been strong and stable and suddenly she just was gone, and one by one who Blondie had rejected lost their fights, and it only remained two of the seven puppies, one male and one female.
The female kept on growing and doing well, but the male sadly didn't gain anything and sadly he lost the fight.


One female pup was born sired by our male Molargårdens Muskot and dam is SCh DKCh NordV-08 DKKLBC DKKLBV-08 Kecil Real Blonde.
Her weitght was 145 grams and is already spoken for. More information at "Litter D".


Vejen / Danmark - Int
What a weekend!!!!
Judge: Jan Törnblom, Sweden
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche became BOB with CAC and CACIB - 16 enterd phalènes. Bell is now also DANISH CHAMPION.
Molargårdens Muskot got excellent and became BM-R.

Vejen / Denmark - Int
Judge: Karin Voye, Germany
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche became BF-2 with CACIB - 16 enterd phalènes
Molargårdens Muskot
got excellent but didn't placed in the best male class

Two CHAMPION TITLES for Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche at only two weekends - SWEDISH and DANISH CHAMPION titles.


Norrköping - Nat
Judge: Medoda M. Brackovic, Slovenia
Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche became BOB - 12 entered phalènes.

Ch. Thairghay's Avalanche (right) BOB
(BOS - Ch. Vittoria's Winsor)


Vänersborg - Nat
Judge: Göran Bodegård
Thairghay's Avalanche conquered her last CAC and is now SWEDISH CHAMPION. She also became BOB amongst 18 entered Phalènes.
Huge thanks to Kristine Kjölner (Kennel Zenitzia's) for showing Bell so well. You're the best.

And by this means that the kennel now has gotten our first ownbred Champion and this is from our firstborn.

Photo: Yvonne Weber, Nightfire's papillons


Österbybruk - Int
Judge: Maria Dekaristou (Greece)
Thairghay's Avalanche - BOB, CAC, CACIB
Thairghay's Blast From The Past
- BOB-puppy´
Thairghay's Bolt From A Blue Sky
- BOS-puppy

T. Avalanche (right) BOB with CAC and CACIB
(BOS - Ch. Vittoria's Black Jack)


Östnora Inoff
Judge: Kaj Gänger (Caratoot's papillons) Thairghay's Avalanche - BOS
Thairghay's Blast From The Past
- BOB-puppy, BIS-3 puppy
Thairghay's Bolt From A Blue Sky
- BOS-puppy

Best couple: Thairghay's Bolt From A Blue Sky / Canifelis Ohlala
Handler: Jessica Pettersson (owner of Frasse)

Ch. Thairghay's Avalache (right) BOS
(BOB - Ch. Vittoria's Wyatt Earp)


Huge congrats and well done to Inga & T. Afterglow for your success in agility
2:nd place in i agility class + 3:rd place in jump class.


Molargårdens Muskot & Ch. Kecil Real Blonde are eye examinated - PRA free.
Puppies between these are expected week 27.


Västerås Nat - 11 entries
Thairghay's Avalanche became BF-2
Ch. Kecil Real Blonde became BF-3
Molargårdens Muskot got 1:st price

Huge congrats to Molargårdens Muskot's daughter Zenitzias Blonde Ambition who became BF-R


Malmö int - 41 entries
Ch. Kecil Real Blonde became BF-2 with R-CACIB
Thairghay's Avalanche became BF-R

Thanks to my sister Linda at Kennel Lindilis for taking my girls and showed Bell so well and also a huge thanks to Lars Kalkerup (kennel Toymaker's) for showing Blondie so excellent.


At 04.37 Soya began to come into laybor.
Despites so good and nice laybor work I realized that this wouldn't go as planned. In one and a half hour the pup hadn't come to the birth canal and I started to think that this puppy sadly was dead (I couldn't find any sign of life when I felt it) so we immediately went to the animal hospital to save the mum - in the car on the way I could feel that the puppy moved a few times.
Soya kept having calm and good contractions. We could come in to the vet as soon as we arrived, off to x-ray and it showed that the pup was in perfect location but unfortunately it was very large.
After that Soya adn the pup was checked and I was really suprised when they told me that the puppy still was alive, but she was very weak.
One hour later Soya got on the operation table, first mission save the mum, and if possible save the puppy and last take out the uterus.

Two hours later the veterinary assistance is carrying Soya.. She had made it :)) And after that we could see that they also were carrying a little thing, The puppy had also made it. :))
Against all odds we got home a little female puppy, well,she was everything but small, she weight was 240 grams (so gigantic no wonder that little Soya couldn't give birth to her).
This little C-baby will be named "Causing A Commotion" - for it's what she did.
She reminds alot of Soya, and she will be moving to a wonderful family in Northern Sweden on breeding rights.
Many thanks Lena and Sören for wanting to take care of this girl for us


Soya was x-rayed (Friday March 13)
It showed that she only carrying one puppy. And we're excited to see what it'll be.
The puppy won't be for sale for it's going to be on breeding rights with a family in Sävar.


Ch. Johtina's Sunlight Of June is now mated with Baby Gold Star's Nixy
Photos and pedigree at "Expected Puppies"


Ch. Johtina's Sunlight Of June is eye examinated free


My Dog 2009 - Int
Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson
Sunday 4/1
Thairghay's Avalanche got CC quality and became best intermediate female and also BF-R.
I also showed Ch. Molargårdens Kwick for my sister Linda (Lindilis kennel) - he became BOB with CACIB.

My Dog 2009 - Nat
Judge: Mikael Nilsson
Saturday 3/1
Thairghay's Avalanche became best intermediate female.
I also showed Ch. Molargårdens Kwick for my sister Linda (Lindilis kennel) - he became BOS